The LB Bill & Why It Is Important

The #LBBill is an idea to change the law for disabled people so that they have more control over what happens in their lives. Help is urgently needed to achieve that.

The #LBBill needs to be promoted urgently to all the MPs (new and old) now in Westminster. You can read the latest draft by clicking here

As with everything #JusticeforLB it has been developed organically and collaboratively, gathering feedback from far and wide including hundreds of disabled people, family members and allies. You can watch a short film (6 mins) about the #LBBill, where it came from and why it’s important here – click and scan down the page to see the film:

A private members’ bill is a proposal for a new law from a backbench MP, by contrast to the majority of bills which are put forward by the government. There is a guide to private members bills on the Parliament website.

There are several different types of private members’ bill, but only one type stands any realistic chance of becoming law. This is a ‘ballot bill’ which is introduced by an MP who is drawn in the private members’ bill annual ballot. This ballot is taking place next week, on Thursday 4 June.

The reason getting drawn high up in the ballot matters is that only the first six or seven MPs will get the time required for their bill to be debated in Parliament. So the answer to the question ‘which MP do we want to sponsor #LBBill?’ is a very simple ‘any of the top MPs drawn in the ballot, the higher the better’.

It is important that all MPs are informed about the #LBBill and encouraged to support it. If the bill can get a well-placed sponsor he or she will need to convince dozens of their Parliamentary colleagues to support the bill to get it through the various stages and on to the statute books.

Please lobby your MP now, and if next week your MP is one of the lucky ones chosen high up in the ballot, get in touch with the LB BIll team (details below) and together you can plan further about how to approach them to request their support to be an #LBBill sponsor.

More information about the LB Bill can be found at and on twitter @justiceforLB