The Disability Hub

The Disability Hub, set up by Stepping Forward, is a building and a resource offering support and advice on a range of issues related to disability, as well as a place for people to connect and create community. Whilst online information is vital and can be accessible, our experience is that a physical community of shared interest remains a vital source of information and support and can play a transformative role in the lives of people living with disabilities.

A number of disability organisations use the Hub as their registered address, after budget cuts and new ways of working during lockdowns caused them to move out of rented office space.  Some organisations use our space just for meeting people for advice sessions. Contact us if you would like to visit or use the building, government guidelines permitting. We are offering hot-desking opportunities for organisations – as well as meeting space at no cost or low cost to the voluntary sector.  Local disability charities and groups who may be continuing to work from home but need occasional office space or meeting rooms in the future are encouraged to get in touch.
In response to many small and micro-organisations now facing closure due to funding difficulties, Stepping Forward is offering support with funding applications, with the aim of maintaining essential support and services. In 2020/21 we helped 6 organisations secure grants for essential services for disabled people. Contact us at to arrange a phone discussion.